Friday, 12 June 2009

HOT ROD!! :)

From; My is RoCKDC"; BaBy-R, a photgrapher,but still in a process of learning~*show off*:D
Location: blakang rumah

well,this is my *soon to be* car~*since m still 17 hmmph!* this car has won 3 trophies from different events.. 1st trophy was from DAHA family day and this car won 1st place! 2nd trophy's event was in kaybee~i guess it was 5 years back n the 3rd which is recently banging at the stadium last year! my dad spends thousands of dollars for this car!*mun ia bali kan aku lens camera baru kan bisai* especially on the sound system! now my babychevs anie arah menglait Airbrush arah kawan ku c Boy airbrush(! tapi belum siap. krita anie balik2 udah betayang arah mana2 car show..yang paling recent last april di Padang Bola AAC seria where Semua Crew team 8Y8 perform! okayyy..i think that's all for now..oh yeah! one more thing,i heard there's another car show happening around this month or probably next month.location belum confirm but if it's in kaybee,datang lah beramai2 ke tudong saji~slalunya time perayaan malam minggu la~support lah team 8Y8~:D


  1. Pheewwwiittt~~ woowww ane baru ya! Hawtness

  2. awwww~thanks eyan~feel free to go to my blog for more of the pictos of this car~:D